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    Special Benefit

    New customers who open a SWAP-FREE account with A Peak Global for the first time are entitled to special privileges.

    Capable of trading all types of products

    Minimum deposit 500​ USD

  • Secret Promotion


  • Loyalty Bonus Program

    Exclusive Black A Peak privileges for customers who trade continuously

    All accounts will participate in the loyalty program. Accumulate points to redeem free prizes without having to win. Every trade, every product gets A Peak Reward instantly

    First Royale 1lot = 15Point (5lot - 249.99lot)

    Chase Palladium 1Lot = 18Point (250Lot - 4,999.99lot)

    Wisdom 1Lot = 24Point (5,000lot - 39,999lot)

    Exclusive Black 1Lot = 30Point (40,000lot Up)

  • Bonus 100%

    Terms and Conditions

    The 100% bonus is automatically credited to the client's account upon request in the client's Personal area. Bonus funds are displayed in the 'Credit' section of the trading platform.

    You can receive several types of bonuses: one per each deposit. Each received bonus amount will be added to the existing bonus. The volume of lots required to be traded separately for each bonus.

    You can activate the bonus within 30 days from the date of deposit. after this period Any bonuses you haven't activated will expire and disappear from your dashboard.


    Your deposit Bonus 100% Lot
    $1,000 $1,000 100

    c. For clients with partners (IB), the required lot volume is calculated according to this formula: bonus amount divided by 1 (1 lot on Cent account = 0.01 standard lot). Example:

    Your deposit Bonus 100% Lot
    $1,000 $1,000 100

    Bonus funds are not included in the calculation of Margin Call and Stop Out levels, as well as canceling bonuses mentioned on page 11

    If the capital is less than the initial deposit You will not be able to get a 100% bonus on that deposit. Example: You deposit $100 then you start trading and lose $2. Your Equity is $98 which is less than your initial deposit of $100. 100% bonus on this deposit, If Equity−Credit*2 (Equity minus Credit multiplied by two) is less than the second or subsequent deposit. You cannot get 100% bonus on this deposit. Example: You deposit $10 and get bonus 100% ($10*2) then you deposit more $10 your Equity is $30 ($10*2+$10) after that you start trading and lose $2 now your Equity is $28. Using this formula, you will get $28−$10*2=$8, which is $10 less than your second deposit, so you cannot claim a 100% bonus on your second deposit. And in case the account balance or Equity (excluding bonus funds) is less than 30% of the bonus amount. The bonus will be cancelled.


    Your bonus Your Equity
    $1,000 $1,200
    *1200-1000 = 200 (less than 30% of the bonus) => Bonus has been cancelled.

    In the event that your account is released from a partner (IB), all current bonuses will be automatically canceled.

    When the required lot volume is traded The client can request to withdraw bonus funds in his Personal Area.

    The maximum bonus amount is $10,000.

    The maximum leverage on the bonus account is 1: 500.

    When suspected of fraud on the bonus account The company reserves the right to cancel the bonus.

    The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the promotion without prior notice.

    The Company is not responsible for technical interruptions and/or interruptions in the Internet connection from the customer's side and third party services. that may directly or indirectly affect the customer's participation in the promotion.

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